The Goal


Tallinna Filmilinnak, as a audiovisual campus that meets modern requirements, supports the development of Estonian film culture and creates prerequisites for increasing the domestic and international competitiveness of the Estonian film industry and for the maximum implementation of the potential of Estonia as an international shooting location.

The vision of the film campus is to become a recognized modern film center of the region by 2027, thanks to which the Estonian film industry will become more sustainable, the reputation of Estonia as a film country will grow, the export volumes of Estonian film producers will increase, and the content and technical competence of the film industry will increase.
In the form of the created film campus, it is a cultural infrastructure object aimed at promoting culture, which helps to achieve, among other things, the following goals:

* support the Estonian film industry and create prerequisites for the production of higher quality and more technically complex films;

* to create additional opportunities for high-level professional work for professionals working in the film industry (including both artistic and technical personnel) and thereby improve the standard of living of film industry specialists;

* reduce the cyclicality of film production by creating a modern environment indoors;

* to expand the job opportunities of local film specialists in servicing foreign productions, thus increasing the skills of Estonian film professionals and contributing to the sustainable development of the Estonian film industry;

* strengthen international contacts in the Estonian film industry and popularize Estonia as a serious partner in film co-production and as a location for international films;

* to be an attractive cultural environment for events in the field of film, as well as other fields, including providing opportunities for holding film festivals and events, and thus supporting the growth of awareness of film culture.

EAS (Enterprise Estonia): EAS partially supports the acquisition of equipment used in the film campus, but also elsewhere. With the help of this grant, a part of the equipment necessary to help the implementation of large-scale and technically complex film projects will be acquired in the newly created film campus, which will contribute to the diversification of the value proposition of Estonian film companies.

The total cost of the project is 250,000 euros, of which the beneficiary’s self-financing is a minimum of 50,000 euros and the support is a maximum of 200,000 euros.