The Goal

Estonia doesn’t have a high-quality studio complex where shooting would be possible year-round. Estonian production companies do offer high quality service at reasonable cost, but are forced to discard opportunities from international customers due to lack of local technical capabilities. Although the government has introduced a cash rebate incentive for importing foreign production to Estonia, it’s hard to take full advantage of the opportunity without high quality studios available.

Existing studios are too small or depreciated. The same can be said for studio complexes in the neighbouring countries.

Although the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School located in Tallinn provides good quality English based education, the industry is not developing fast enough to offer opportunities to develop and jobs for everyone. The sector is fragmented and does not operate as a connected ecosystem.

Tallinn Film Wonderland is brought to life to develop Estonian film industry and make sure that in the future no great possibility will be missed due to lacking technical facilities. Largest studio complex in the Baltic area will eliminate the boundaries that have so far prevented foreign producers bring their projects to Estonia. Doing that will help developing local talent and providing opportunities to local industry companies.

Estonian films and producers have recently received a lot of international attention (ex “Tangerines”, “The Fencer”, “The Days That Confused”, “In the Crosswind” etc). Estonian Black Nights Film Festival is declared as an A category film festival. These quality marks have raised the profile of the region and attracted interest from the international movie industry. It is critical to grasp the opportunity, be a step ahead of other neighbouring countries and make Estonia the film industry hub in our region.